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Furnished short-term rentals in Montreal

Welcome to Hollywood North Montreal is a world-class destination for professionals in the entertainment industry. In fact, the city is often referred to as “Hollywood North” – mainly because it...Read More

Luxury corporate apartments

Luxury corporate apartments for rent represent a particularly challenging category in the short-term rental market. Why? Because they account for a small percentage of available temporary housing stock. And that’s...Read More

Short-term Montreal furnished condos for rent

Every word in the title of this page – short-term Montreal furnished condos for rent – is clear and unambiguous, except for one. What exactly is “short-term”? Condo owners who...Read More

Short-term apartment rentals in Montreal

Every year, travellers flock to Montreal to attend one of the city’s renowned festivals. Many of these visitors are loyal festival-goers. They come back and, as a result, get to...Read More

Corporate Relocation: Housing Options and Apartments

Discover Options for Corporate Relocation Apartments in Montreal As a business, moving your headquarters is not an easy decision to make. Long distance moving is very expensive, time-consuming and can...Read More

Little Burgundy Lachine Canal

Originally named "Sainte Cunegonde", Little Burgundy has become one of Montreal’s most trending neighborhoods due to an outburst of young professionals moving into the area.

The Benefits of Managed Travel 2.0

In the past, corporate travel management has sought to help employees book the most affordable available business travel options — usually pre-arranged options filtered through set distribution channels, such as corporate travel agencies.

How To Be Healthy When Traveling for Business

At the start of each new year, almost everyone makes a resolution to improve their lives in some way. Although living healthier always finds its way to the top of the list, this is a particular challenge for business travelers who are constantly bombarded with unhealthy options.

What Is Furnished, Executive Corporate Housing?

What is corporate housing or serviced apartments? Quite simply, it’s a great way to experience a new city in comfortable elegance. For those working internationally, relocating to a new city or even a taking a long trip with the family, serviced apartments offer a perfect blend of luxury and convenience.

Botanical Gardens in Montreal: Pictures, Hours & More

While Montrealers all appreciate how vibrant and stimulating the city can be with its non-stop events, restaurants, and great shopping…we also love the idea that a walk through nature isn’t all that far away either. Montreal is home to some of the cleanest and most enjoyable parks of any city, and Montreal’s Botanical Gardens certainly has to be the crown jewel of that list.

Best Apple Picking Near Montreal: Orchards to Visit This Fall

Its true, summer is winding down this August in Montreal. Sadly, summer concert series and festivals are coming to a close, and those movie nights in the park will soon be over. But that sure doesn’t mean that you need to relegate yourself to indoor life or even get your winter coat ready just yet.

Movies Shot Set and Filmed in Montreal

Montreal is truly a picturesque city... so much so that its aesthetic vibrancy has often inspired the eye of many movie producers and directors to make some classic films throughout the years!

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