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How to Use Uber Taxi in Montreal City

Whether you are just visiting Montreal or have been living here a while, you’ll know that there is plenty to see and do. That’s why visitors and residents alike are always on the move. Fortunately, Montreal is not short on transport options. And now the popular alternative cab service Uber Taxi is in Montreal, helping Montrealers get to where they need to go.

Montreal Grand Prix 2019 | Formula one Canadian Quebec F1

The Formula One Grand Prix 2013 in Montreal is one of the best attended motor sports event in the world.

Why It’s Not Always About Price?

When I’m talking with a customer, it’s not uncommon to hear them say something like: “How much will that cost?”

What To Do Before Relocation for Work

Moving is one of the most stressful life events. But how about relocating for work? With so many dramatic changes in both professional and home life wrapped up in one move, there’s quite a bit to think about when weighing a work relocation decision.


EnVille made it easy than ever to rent out my Montreal apartment rental. They constantly communicate with me regarding the status of my rental and provide feedback from guests. The decision to partner with EnVille was the best that I’ve ever made.

- Jordan Smith -

Trust is essential when you hand over the keys to your rental property to a rental company. EnVille has always conducted themselves with the utmost transparency and professionalism, ensuring the trust that I have with them to never be compromised.

- George Johnson -

Rental property management companies have to do a great amount of follow-up with the owners and renters. EnVille is always proactive in following up with everyone, and ensure that essential information is related in a timely manner.

- Wayne McNeal -

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