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Montreal Quebec

Best Restaurants in Montreal City

Business lunches provide you with an opportunity to connect with your clients or colleagues outside of the office...

Montreal Grand Prix 2020 | Formula one Canadian Quebec F1

The Formula One Grand Prix 2013 in Montreal is one of the best attended motor sports event in the world.

How to Use Uber Taxi in Montreal City

Whether you are just visiting Montreal or have been living here a while, you’ll know that there is plenty to see and do. That’s why visitors and residents alike are always on the move. Fortunately, Montreal is not short on transport options. And now the popular alternative cab service Uber Taxi is in Montreal, helping Montrealers get to where they need to go.

What To Do Before Relocation for Work

Moving is one of the most stressful life events. But how about relocating for work? With so many dramatic changes in both professional and home life wrapped up in one move, there’s quite a bit to think about when weighing a work relocation decision.

Things to Do on Labour Day Weekend in Montreal

This Labor Day weekend in Montreal, many friends, families and co-workers will get together to celebrate the final official weekend of summer.

How to relocate to Montreal Quebec ?

Relocation to this city, just like any other, can be a tiresome and tedious process.

The Best Beaches in the Montreal Area

Though many pictures and postcards you may have seen of Montreal may showcase the fantastic city as a majestic winter wonderland, you should not forget to bring your suntan lotion if you’re planning a trip this summer!

Best travel apps for business Travelers

If you are traveling for business regularly these days, you probably know all the stresses involved between flight schedules, meetings and simply navigating the terrain of thee next foreign city.

Little Burgundy Lachine Canal

Originally named "Sainte Cunegonde", Little Burgundy has become one of Montreal’s most trending neighborhoods due to an outburst of young professionals moving into the area.

Botanical Gardens in Montreal: Pictures, Hours & More

While Montrealers all appreciate how vibrant and stimulating the city can be with its non-stop events, restaurants, and great shopping…we also love the idea that a walk through nature isn’t all that far away either. Montreal is home to some of the cleanest and most enjoyable parks of any city, and Montreal’s Botanical Gardens certainly has to be the crown jewel of that list.

Best Apple Picking Near Montreal: Orchards to Visit This Fall

Its true, summer is winding down this August in Montreal. Sadly, summer concert series and festivals are coming to a close, and those movie nights in the park will soon be over. But that sure doesn’t mean that you need to relegate yourself to indoor life or even get your winter coat ready just yet.

On Location with Toute la vérité

We’re not exactly sure what it was. Maybe it was the contemporary and elegant furnishings.

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