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How to Use Uber Taxi in Montreal City

Uber Is Helping Montrealers Get to Where They Need to Go

Whether you are just visiting Montreal or have been living here a while, you’ll know that there is plenty to see and do. That’s why visitors and residents alike are always on the move. Fortunately, Montreal is not short on transport options. And now the popular alternative cab service Uber Taxi is in Montreal, helping Montrealers get to where they need to go.

If you have ever waited too long for cab (especially in cold Montreal weather), or have never enjoyed not knowing what the cab fare will be before you set out, Uber Taxi might be worth checking out. Here are some of the details about the new service works.

montreal uber taxi eats

Uber Taxi

essentially gives its customers some of the luxuries of having your own car service, at the rate of the city taxi. Uber connects you to its drivers through a smartphone GPS-based app, allowing you to “e-hail” Uber’s cab service when you’re ready to be picked up. Uber’s online system will then send you notification of when your taxi is expected to arrive at your location. You’ll be able to GPS track your driver’s car en route to your location, as well as receive a full profile of your driver’s name, contact info, and previous customer performance rating.

montreal uber taxi customer

For those who’d prefer to see the fare prices before they even step into their cab, Uber makes this possible. Customers can use their online profile’s credit card information to see their fare in advance and submit their payment. As an added convenience, tip is added to the bill –ranging from 10 percent to 30 percent of the fare depending on your preselected Uber profile settings. For those traveling for business, a receipt is sent by email immediately, making business expensing fairly convenient.

Of course, if you’re staying with us, we can always help secure a taxi for you or help you find something to do in Montreal! For more information on calling an Uber Taxi or on the many other ways to get around the great city of Montreal.


How to Use Uber Taxi in Montreal City

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