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Corporate Relocation: Housing Options and Apartments

Discover Options for Corporate Relocation Apartments in Montreal

As a business, moving your headquarters is not an easy decision to make. Long distance moving is very expensive, time-consuming and can disrupt your business’ workflow. However, the risk entrepreneurs take often leads to tremendous growth opportunities that outweigh the initial costs. Here are some reasons why corporate relocation may benefit your business — and how EnVille’s corporate furnished apartments fit into the picture!

Lowered costs. Many businesses relocate to lower their operation costs and to benefit from city tax breaks. The cost of doing business varies from city to city and this can affect owning, leasing and operating a commercial facility. Utility costs such as energy, building costs and upgrading and expansion costs, all affect whether a business is profiting or losing money at the end of each month.

Quality of employees. Companies often relocate with the idea of increasing the potential for growth revenue. For instance, a company may be looking for specialized pools of qualified applicants and may not be able to find any in their current location. This happens often when the local economy has seen a decline. Choosing a city that is more in line with your product or service will increase your chances of finding qualified professionals to add to your team.

Better Education. Sometimes, companies choose to relocate to cities that have a higher rate of recent graduates in the fields they work in. A new city may have educational institutions that train students effectively for the type of work the business is concerned with. This is an excellent way to ensure that you always have the brightest minds on your team to expand and grow your business.

Staying with EnVille. If you’re in the process of relocating to Montreal, EnVille is a great option for short-term and long-term stays. Our corporate furnished apartments are strategically placed all over the city for convenience and ease. If you’re preparing a new facility in a specific area of the city, we can place you in an apartment that is a short distance away.

We understand that corporate relocations are busy, stressful and involve a lot of hours. That’s why we make the process very simple from the time you make your booking.

First, you get a person account manager who ensures that all your objectives are met. Next, we help you move into your new temporary home and settle you in. Finally, we keep the communication open throughout your stay in case anything comes up. EnVille works tirelessly around the clock to ensure that you’re enjoying your bright, clean and modern apartment.

We also pride ourselves on offering quality amenities to our clients.

Some notable amenities include:

Are you relocating your business to Montreal? If so, get in touch with us and inquire about our corporate furnished apartments today!

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