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How To Be Healthy When Traveling for Business

At the start of each new year, almost everyone makes a resolution to improve their lives in some way. Although living healthier always finds its way to the top of the list, this is a particular challenge for business travelers who are constantly bombarded with unhealthy options.

Whether it’s the airport lounges with cocktails and bar food, the convenience of fast food in a new city or the temptation of room service — these food choices are often not the healthiest choices available. Here are a quick few simple tips to help you eat healthier when traveling for business and make that New Year’s resolution stick.

Eat Right, Travel Light

While we all know that hotels present formidable dietary pitfalls for business travelers, fruits and nuts are often available for purchase in most city corner stores. A great way to avoid poor airplane food is to pack on apple or granola bar for the flight. These options are high in fiber, so they will keep you feeling full for longer as well. And for mid-day or dinner meals, look beyond fast food shops! Cities like Montreal have a ton of amazing yet healthy options. Lean deli foods on whole-wheat bread are an excellent stand-by choice if you are in a hurry.

And at our corporate apartments for rent in Montreal, we offer fully equipped kitchens, so you can even resist the temptation to eat out every night and make your own healthy meals and stay on track with your resolution.

H2O On The Go

One of the biggest mistakes that business travelers make is grabbing the wrong drink at the airport. While alcohol and caffeine can be found in every terminal, these options are at complete odds with a traveler’s lifestyle. Low humidity and recirculating air on planes already make the perfect environment for dehydration, and alcohol or caffeine will only increases jet lag and travel fatigue. Stay hydrated by drinking about 8 ounces of water every hour of your flight.

Be a Professional Lounger

If you are meeting up for drinks with clients or colleagues, remember that too many drinks translate to alcohol calories that you’ll have to work off at the gym. After two or three drinks, opting for a club soda on the rocks will not only help keep your travel energy up, but it will also keep you sharp enough to network and pounce on that potentially serendipitous business opportunity.

Train Up for the Business Travel Marathon

Unfortunately, while business travel can be grueling, it doesn’t really give us the proper physical activity that we need to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Gyms can be a great asset if they are available at your stay. Better yet, getting out and taking a walk or jog to explore a new city can be even more mentally and physically invigorating than following a repetitive workout regimen.

Many of our apartment rentals provide access to fitness centers and swimming pools, so you can get your exercise while you are travelling on business to Montreal.

So don’t let your business travels get in the way to living a healthier lifestyle, and if you need a place to stay in Montreal, contact us today!

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