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Luxury corporate apartments

Luxury corporate apartments for rent represent a particularly challenging category in the short-term rental market. Why? Because they account for a small percentage of available temporary housing stock. And that’s because these apartments – as their name indicates – combine the distinctive attributes of luxury accommodations and corporate amenities. Only a specific subset of short-term apartment rentals can deliver on both counts.

We, at EnVille, can also deliver on both fronts thanks to our knowledge of the short-term rental market in Montreal and our portfolio of properties that meets both “luxury” and “corporate” criteria.

A better choice than AirBnB

Luxury corporate apartments provide features and benefits that are simply not available with AirBnB and most hotel accommodations. These features and benefits include bi-weekly housekeeping (tidy surroundings are certainly a plus for living in style and getting your work done), the absence of someone else’s personal belongings (which can be one of the main drawbacks of AirBnB since most people want their living space, however temporary, to reflect their lifestyle and preferences), and highly qualified staff on hand 24/7 to help you with any accommodation issues.

At EnVille, we deliver luxury corporate apartments with these qualities and more for a minimum stay of 30 nights.

Why choose EnVille

Our rental-market knowledge and experience translate into direct access to luxury corporate apartments that meet all of your requirements. Why settle for AirBnB when you can have so much more?

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