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Sugar Shacks in Montreal Enjoying Canadian Maple Syrup

Early Spring Is the ‘Sweet Spot’ for Canadian Maple Syrup

If you are just arriving in Montreal this early spring, you may not realize you’ll be hitting quite a ‘sweet spot’ for Montreal tourism. What we mean is there quite a long and proud tradition that takes place here around this time of year, and it all revolves around world-famous Canadian maple syrup.

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Thousands of Montrealers pour out to cabanes à sucre, or sugar shacks, each year to enjoy a rustic tradition of sleigh rides and maple taffy snow, live folk music and every type of food you can fill with maple sugar. While traditional shacks are found out in the Canadian country, the good news is that there are plenty of fine-dining, urban shacks with world-renown chefs right within Montreal city limits.

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Here is a quick ‘Top 2’ list of the best sugar shacks within Montreal city limits:

Scena with Laurent Godbout Award-winning Chef Laurent Godbout is featuring four-course maple-filled meals such as gourmet tourtière, squash, potatoes, cheddar cheese tartiflette and maple and bacon s’mores!

maple syrup canadian montreal

Cabane à Sucre Handfield
Looking for a spa treatment or massage along with a traditional sugar shack meal? This is the place. It even includes complimentary traditional fiddle!

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