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Stay Relaxed This Holiday Season with EnVille

The holidays are in full effect and you’ve found out that you’re coming to Montreal for work and staying in one of our corporate furnished apartments. You’re busy and you’re working long hours to fulfill your career objectives. With the little down time you have, you do want to check out some of the buzzing holiday activities but you also want to remain restful and energized for the upcoming New Year. Here are some ideas on how to stay relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for 2019.

Take a trip to Bota Bota

Bota bota is a spa located in the Old Port of Montreal located close by to Metro station Square-Victoria OACI. The spa offers a range of professional treatments, services and packages to help you relax, rest and recuperate from work or health-related stress. A trip to Bota Bota has a serene atmosphere indoors and out. It’s located in a beautiful, quiet building by the water that offers a stunning view.

bota bota montreal spa holiday

Bota bota is well known for their professional…

Try the water circuit — This thermal therapy experience seeks to eliminate toxins, restore your skin’s elasticity and tone, improve circulation, stimulate the cardiac system and support the immune system. Gift yourself with an experience at these Nordic baths — you will not regret it! What’s more, if you get a treatment that is 60 minutes long (from the list above), the water circuit will be discounted by $15.

Bota bota is open throughout the holiday season and will be open on New Year’s Eve. Book an treatment online today.

Take a trip up to Mont-Royal

mont royal beautiful park designed by the landscape

If you like to relax by staying fit, consider taking a trip up to the iconic Mont-Royal, a beautiful park designed by the landscape architect who worked on New York’s Central Park. On the mountain you can hike, ski, skate or simply observe the city from up top at the Kondiaronk Belvedere. Bring your camera for beautiful panoramic photographs that you can send back home as postcards to share with family and friends.

Come back to a relaxing home

montreal season holiday apartments

Our corporate furnished apartments are made for relaxation. Our apartments are quiet, modern and spacious — giving you the freedom to relax anyway you please. Host friends and colleagues for dinner, relax on the sofa in front of a movie, spend time at your apartment recharging with a good night’s sleep. Plus, we put you in touch with an account manager the minute you book a stay with us in order to make sure your stay is easy and stress free.

Staying relaxed is highly important to keeping up with a busy schedule. Are you coming to Montreal this holiday season? Get in touch with us to book your corporate furnished apartment today.


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