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List Your Apartment or Condo for Rent in Montreal

List your apartment in Montreal, especially as a furnished apartment rental, is an excellent opportunity to bring in a little extra cash or make use of your additional property.

There are a number of ways to do this.  You can put an ad in the newspaper or online and hope for the best.  This way of attracting potential tenants, while not bad, can prove to be time-consuming and unreliable in terms of the type of people you are going to attract.

EnVille is one of Montreal’s leading providers of furnished corporate suites — furnished short-term rentals as well as long-term. The properties managed by En Ville Inc. are booked through their convenient website reservation system. Descriptions, details, and pictures of the furnished corporate apartments for rent, Montreal’s finest, are on display, so that the client, mostly corporate business people, can make a sound decision before rentals. See also: EnVille, Premiere Apartment Rental Agency Montreal.

When you trust En Ville Inc. with the rental of your condo, you can be sure that only the best clients will be accepted and En Ville Inc. will handle all of the details.  All of the company’s furnished corporate apartments (Montreal) are located in the best areas of town: Old Montreal, Downtown, and the West Island. Also, we have some apartments in Old Quebec.

This allows renters to really take advantage of the wonderful sights and activities that this city has to offer without having to stray far from home.  This is rather important for the busy business traveler who might not have all the free-time he/she would like.

3 Reasons to choose EnVille Rental Property mangement

Satisfied Clients
Being in the luxury accommodation business for almost two decades, we have built a strong reputation with our large clientele, and they keep trusting us to find them the best suitable accommodation. Listing your apartment with us will give you that great exposure.

More Income
Our website gets a lot of daily traffic and your apartment will be rented out quickly and regularly. More rent equals more $$$$

Full Service Guarantee
Hands off and hassle free. We redefine what it means to be a full-service property manager. We take care of everything – from bookings all the way to repairs.

As many owners investors were calling EnVille and asking how they could advertise on the website, we figured that we would also make it easy for the owners to send us their apartment listing.  A new dedicated tab section, on the Home Page, has been added, on the top left corner. It only takes a few moments to send your registration request and an EnVille representative will be in touch shortly.

List Your Apartment for rent Montreal Airbnb

When you list your apartment with us, you will enter a stylish apartment, equipped with everything you might need during your time abroad.  Advertise with EnVille, and make your condo someone’s “home away from home”. List your property Today!

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