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Disaster victims insured and temporary furnished housing

Experiencing a disaster is a terrible event

and one that is extremely stressful. Unfortunately, natural disasters are increasingly frequent and a large number of families are affected by them.

The first question we ask ourselves is: are we well covered by our house insurance? Let’s assume that our insurer has us well covered. We have to relocate quickly with the whole family. More often then not, we want to live in the same sector. The ideal is to get closer to work or our kids school during the repairs.

Normally, insurance companies leave this task to the client.  This is where EnVille furnished apartments can come in handy by finding a place to stay in their new home away from home and that, in different regions of Montreal or West-Island.

We have a large pool of corporate furnished apartments and can easily come to the help of the Montreal disaster victims. Lately, EnVille welcomed people whose home have been completely demolished by fire and more recently people who had to endure floods. They know how to provide support with as much flexibility that a family needs.   EnVille is here to help, support and to relieve you as much as possible from these worries and difficult times.

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