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The executive condo for rent or the hotel ?

Hello company managers and professional relocation.

In a previous article, we discussed the economic benefits of the executive condo option.

Today, we will focus more on the qualitative advantages of the corporate apartment for rent versus the traditional hotel.

When your mission in Montreal is to last a month or more, you can not stay in a hotel. Why? For the simple reason that you have to cut with this business context to remain performant during your professional outings.

It is essential to be able to recharge and feel at home when our work leads us to experience this kind of demanding experience on a human level. At the end of a busy day, prepare a tea (or his favorite dish) in his own equipped kitchen, sit in the living room and feel at home … Only a corporate apartment can offer you this kind of Experience!

corporate relocation montreal city

Note that your professional performance will be greatly improved!

In addition to this not insignificant aspect to consider during your short or medium term stay in Montreal, know that in terms of services (cleaning, security …), executive condos and hotels are equal. With the exception that some  corporate apartments, such as our 2700 Rufus Rockhead building in Montreal , offer many extras you can avail of throughout your stay:

You were rather a hotel? Experience executive condo. You will be amazed!

Excellent weekend at all!

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