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Business Trip Packing List

What To Pack For Your Next Business Trip

Whether you are a frequent flyer or occasional business traveler, you have other things to worry about then what to pack on a business trip. So a business trip packing list will not only save you time but also a little stress. At EnVille, we work with corporate executives on business trips to Montreal everyday, so we know what to pack for a business trip.

Business Trip Packing List

More often than not, people tell us that they always over-pack for business travel. Why is this bad? Well, it which interferes with your ability to remain focused on the purpose of their trip and reduces your mobility. It’s much easier to move around with one small suitcase than three large trunks.

So here is our business trip checklist, a list of the essentials items to remember when packing for a business trip.

Dress Clothes

First of all, you’re on a business trip, so you’ll need to bring appropriate business attire, which will include a suit, shirt and tie for men and dress skirts and blouses for women business travelers. If your business trip is relatively short, you probably just need one suit, but bring a couple of dress shirts and matching neckties to add a little variety to your wardrobe.

• suit/dresses
• dress shirts
• dress socks
• dress shoes
• necktie
• belt

Business Casual Clothes

You should plan to have some casual clothes for those times when you are not entertaining clients or attending business meetings. Try to wear clothing that is comfortable and yet still professional, as you are representing your company.

• shirts/tops
• pants
• socks
• underwear/bras
• casual shoes

Winter Clothes

If you’re headed somewhere chilly (for example, Montreal in the winter), it might be a good idea to bring some winter clothing, including a coat, jacket, gloves, and a hat. You certainly don’t want to get sick during your business trip!

• coat/jacket
• gloves/mittens
• hats


Of course, these days, most hotels provide you with some of the essential toiletries, including soap, shampoo and conditioner. But here are some essentials that your typical accommodations will not have for you.

• toothbrush, cap, toothpaste, floss
• razor, blades, shaving cream
• comb/hairbrush
• deodorant
• contact lenses/glasses
• medications, aspirin

Travel Essentials

Travelling is hard business, so anything that you can do to make it more relaxing for you, including a travel pillow, blanket or eggplants.

• inflatable travel pillow
• earplugs

Business Essentials

Of course, don’t forget the reason why you’re on your trip to begin with, namely, business. So don’t forget your business essentials, including your laptop and cell phone

• pens, notebook
• laptop, charger
• shoulder/laptop bag
• business cards
• cell phone, charger

Wallet Essentials

Although the world is becoming more technology driven each day, it’s still a good idea to obtain and keep some essential documents and business tools, including your passport ID and credit cards.

• passport, driver’s license
• health insurance card
• airplane itinerary
• charge/ATM cards, cash
• reservations, itineraries
• hotel contact info

So the next time that you’re packing for a business trip to or from Montreal, try sticking to our packing essentials list and you should have everything you need to make your trip successful. And if you forgot something, don’t worry, we have got you covered. The travel professionals at EnVille can help you with whatever you need while you’re staying in one of our furnished apartment rentals in Montreal. Just ask! So if you or one of your colleagues are travelling to Montreal on business, contact us to make your trip as successful and comfortable as possible!

Business Trip Packing List 1

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