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How much does an executive furnished rental cost ?

Furnished apartments for rent in Montreal. How much does it cost ?

Any seasoned business traveler will tell you, the hotel is a quick and easy solution when our professional activities lead us to settle in this or that town for  medium term stays . And for good reason. A hotel room meets the minimum standard necessary for any good businessman (location, services …). However, this solution can be very costly. The only credible alternative to the hotel, which has been favored by business travelers, HR and other relocation professionals, is the rental of fully equipped accommodation for a temporary period

So what is the  furnished executive rental  ? It is simply a luxury apartment, strategically located (in  downtown Montreal , Old Montreal or the West Island), and which seeks to promote your productivity and your personal development. Also, this type of rental usually includes a wide range of additional services with high added value (from the security service to the cinema, the sauna, the swimming pool or the gym).

Furnished apartments for rent in Montreal. How much does an executive furnished rental cost?

At an equivalent price, where the price of a hotel is around $ 3500, the price for a furnished apartment for business travelers is around $ 2,600.

Let’s take an example. An executive furnished apartment in Old Montreal, all services included, starts at $ 2,400. Find me a single luxury hotel in the same neighborhood, charging for its $ 80 nights and enjoying the most spacious living space.

The numbers speak for themselves. Experience even more. Visit the EnVille Montreal website  and take the test. You will not want to hear about hotels any more … Are we betting?

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