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Short-term rentals in Montreal

Montreal is a richly diverse city – as anyone who lives here will tell you! This is due in large part to its neighbourhoods, each of which shows visitors a different facet of the city’s complex personality.

This diversity is why visitors have such a wide range of accommodation options. Short-term rentals in Montreal reflect the neighbourhoods they’re located in. At EnVille, we can help visitors find a short-term rental in Montreal that matches their location preferences in terms of atmosphere and activities.

Distinctive destinations in the same city

The best areas for short-term rentals in Montreal are the downtown core, Old Montreal, and Little Burgundy. Staying at short-term rental accommodations in these neighbourhoods means getting to experience Montreal like a local resident. But it also means getting to enjoy the city’s main attractions.

In the downtown core, you’ll enjoy the city’s Entertainment District, with its many festivals and events – and lively street life!

For a taste of Old Europe in the New World, choose a short-term rental in Old Montreal – you’ll love the small cobblestone streets, the horse-drawn carriages, and the wonderful cafes and restaurants.

As for Little Burgundy, it provides a more tranquil setting alongside a lovely canal. But if you’re looking for bustle, just take a short walk to the Atwater Market, a hive of activity and people-watching.

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