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Short-term furnished rentals in Montreal

The availability of temporary housing, especially short-term furnished rental accommodations, is an issue of critical importance to people whose homes have suffered damage. In the event of damage to your home – for example, due to water or fire – your insurance company helps you to find temporary lodgings.

The task of finding appropriate short-term furnished rentals is one of the services provided by the claims adjuster employed by your insurance company. Fortunately, in Montreal, claims adjusters can select from an extensive stock of temporary housing options that match their clients’ needs. For access to these short-term furnished rental solutions, they call on EnVille.

Helping insurance companies help their policy holders

At EnVille, we pride ourselves on helping people with an urgent need for temporary housing. We work closely with insurance companies to accommodate people whose homes have been damaged due to flooding, fire or another distressing event.

Delivering peace of mind when you temporarily lose your home

EnVille’s short-term furnished rentals in Montreal provide welcome comfort and relief to people coping with a stressful experience. That is why claims adjusters do not hesitate to call us on behalf of their policy holders. Our well-equipped short-term furnished rental accommodations meet the requirements of a full range of policy holders, including singles, couples, and families. In short, EnVille’s short-term furnished rentals in Montreal provide insurance policy holders with the peace of mind they need when they need it most.

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Claims adjusters looking for short-term furnished rentals in Montreal for their policy holders know they have a trusted partner in EnVille. Be sure to contact us at + 1 (514) 931-7030 or

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