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Serviced apartments

Increasingly, travellers of all stripes expect and demand more comfortable and convenient accommodations with a broader range of services. This is especially true of travellers who “settle” into their destination for a period of at least 30 days.

What these travellers – including business people and vacationers – seek is something that is increasingly called “serviced apartments” in our industry.

As its name suggests, a serviced apartment places greater emphasis on services than do all other short-term accommodations, including hotels and Airbnb. Why is that? Because the longer your stay, the more services you need.

In Montreal, EnVille is the leader in this field. If you are coming to our city for a month or more, we can find the serviced apartment that matches your needs in terms both of services and accommodations.

Why choose a serviced apartment over a hotel room

Why would you choose a serviced apartment over a hotel room?

Let’s answer this question with other questions.

Isn’t it better to live with comfort and convenience rather than out of a suitcase? Better to prepare your own meals if you so wish? Better to avoid the extra charges that come with longer hotel stays?

Better a home away from home than an anonymous hotel room?

In a serviced apartment, you can truly kick off your shoes and relax because you are at home.

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Plan a great month-long or longer stay in Montreal by enjoying the benefits of a serviced apartment. All you need to do is contact EnVille at + 1 (514) 931-7030 or

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