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Here’s What You Need to Know about Short-Term Rentals

Looking to get away to a new destination? Short-term rental apartments are a great way to maximize value for your money. It lets you bypass cramped hotels, dodgy subletting situations...Read More

Christmas in Montreal Market Activities & Parade

Discover Montreal’s Christmas Market, Parade and More. It’s time for our annual Christmas and Holiday article — your guide on how to soak up the spirit of the city of...Read More

Travel Agent Rates and Special Promotions Corporate Suites

Organizing group bookings for business trips can be challenging and time-consuming for travel manager and corporate travel agents.

Luxury furnished apartments for rent in Montreal

If you’re coming to Montreal for a short or extended stay and need a luxury furnished apartment for rent, there’s one name you can trust: EnVille. EnVille owes its track...Read More

Fire Damage Restoration What To Do After A Home Fire?

At EnVille, we’ve worked with many fire damage victims in the past, so we understand what you are going through following a home fire.

Disaster victims insured and temporary furnished housing

Experiencing a disaster (fire, floods, robbery, etc) is a terrible event and one that is extremely stressful.

Furnished Apartment While Undergoing Health Care

Living in a furnished apartment has a range of advantages that can suit many different situations. We’ve mentioned in our previous article that short-term rentals are specifically great for those...Read More

Property Damage What Should You Know Before Filing a Claim?

When your home has been destroyed following a disaster, it can be downright heartbreaking.

What to do in Montreal this weekend

What to do in Montreal? There are so many things to do in Montreal, it can be slightly overwhelming to visitors.

How to Retain Your Clients and Build Customer Loyalty

No matter if you’re an independent entrepreneur, small business owner or you are an exec for a multinational company, one thing is for sure – client retention is a top priority. For the typical company, 80 percent of your future revenue will come from about 20 percent of your returning clients.

Medical Housing Student Doctor Nurse Travel

For doctors, travelling nurses, or medical students, sleep loss and impairments are common because of the long hours and few opportunities to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Things to Do on Labour Day Weekend in Montreal

This Labor Day weekend in Montreal, many friends, families and co-workers will get together to celebrate the final official weekend of summer.

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