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Montreal short-term rentals

Montreal is Quebec’s metropolis and, as such, provides multiple services that are more scarce or even absent in the province’s smaller cities and outlying regions. For instance, there are more hospitals and other medical centres in Montreal than elsewhere in Quebec. For that reason, people who live outside Montreal often come to the city to seek or receive specialized medical care.

Patients who travel to Montreal often have to stay in the city as part of their medical treatment. They need to be close to the hospital or medical centre where they are being treated. That is why the availability of temporary housing, particularly short-term rentals in Montreal, is so important to them. Especially when you consider that very few hospitals provide custom accommodations to patients who reside outside Montreal.

The task of finding appropriate Montreal short-term rentals is not an easy one. To find perfect temporary accommodations, it’s best to rely on an expert in the field. In Montreal, that expert is EnVille. We can find the Montreal short-term rental that is right for you for as long as you need it.

Ensuring your peace of mind

EnVille’s Montreal short-term rentals deliver welcome comfort and relief to people coping with illness and treatment – always a stressful experience. Our Montreal short-term rentals provide you with clean and well-equipped accommodations for the hopefully brief period you need to be away from home. These comfortable temporary housing solutions help ensure your peace of mind.

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If you need a comfortable and convenient short-term rental in Montreal while you receive medical treatment in the city, please know that you will find what you need by contacting EnVille at + 1 (514) 931-7030 or

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