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Group Bookings with EnVille Furnished Apartments

Group bookings are a great way to reserve furnished apartments for large groups of people looking for extended stays in the city. They are beneficial for all kinds of group travelers, whether for business or leisure and provide excellent opportunities to reconnect with people who are scattered in different regions of the world. Group bookings are cost-effective, adaptable to budgets and allow you to personalize your stay according to your needs (think: location and amenities!)

Who uses group bookings?

Corporate travelers frequently use group bookings to travel for business. Whether they’re in town to organize ongoing business meetings, attend conferences or training sessions, negotiate contracts or take orders for goods manufactured abroad, group bookings with corporate furnished apartments like EnVille are a highly sought after choice for many corporate travelers.


Many professionals often travel for work in groups as well.

Some include:

Group Bookings for Weddings and Family Reunions

Weddings and family reunions are an incredible way to strengthen family bonds and to celebrate new love. Why not turn it into an extended stay with EnVille? These events are known for taking a lot of preparation in advance. EnVille can make the process of finding the right accommodation all the more easier. In fact, we can handle most of the details for you so you can focus on the important stuff.

What EnVille Can do for You

Our agents will work with you to determine the needs of all your guests and place you in apartments close by to one another. We can reserve a set of apartments for your guests at special rates within the same building or in varying ones depending on your choosing. That way your guests can have a choice between different locations and pricing.

Skip the surprise of finding out that a hotel booking will set you back $500 a night a few months before your event. Rent a comfortable, fully furnished apartment for as low as $110 a night knowing you have a flexible booking policy and pricing you can trust.

Amenities and Promotions

Each apartment is equipped with: WiFi Internet, a local phone, cable, a washer and dryer in the suite, housekeeping services, a fully-equipped kitchen and much more! We also have a 24h concierge service to attend to your guests as in when they arrive or leave and we assign you a personal account manager who will go over details with you when you arrive and assist you throughout your stay.

Finally, we provide special preferred rates and also have special promotions for travel agents to work with your budget. Our agents are also savvy at quickly finding you the right apartment for those last minute bookings!

Group booking has never been easier. Come stay with EnVille for your next group traveling adventure. Have any questions? Read our FAQ or get in touch with us today!

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