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EnVille Green Environmentally Friendly Accommodations

If you are staying with us at EnVille’s apartments in Montreal, chances are you—like us—appreciate the great outdoors that Canada is famous for. That’s why EnVille has decided to help both our clients and Mother Nature by adopting all eco-friendly cleaning products.

Today’s modern living spaces can be loaded with toxic and polluting substances designed to help make domestic life more convenient. But these commercial, chemical-based products have proven long-term health concerns for the residents.

Almost 70 percent of typical cleaning products found in most homes and apartment spaces contain harmful synthetic agents that are not approved by the Canadian government. In addition, many of these products also have a wider impact on environmental pollution caused by their manufacture and disposal.

That’s why at EnVille, we are giving our residents piece of mind by staying ahead of the curve environmentally—adopting healthier environmentally friendly products by partnering with local Canadian company, Choisy Laboratories. Choicy was the first manufacturer from the professional hygiene industry to establish environmentally friendly standards to abide by since 1946.

We know that our residents are well-informed, and with growing public environmental hygiene demands, we are meeting those needs—providing eco-friendly products like dishwasher, washing machine, floor, hand soap and other general cleaning products.

We want you to rest easy knowing that we are doing all we can to make your Montreal travel the healthiest and most exciting time it can be. So get in touch with us for eco-friendly accommodations in Montreal today!


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