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Get to know French Montreal – Corporate apartments

In Comfort and, of Course, … In Style

Bienvenue à Montréal!  Welcome to Montreal, a city unlike any other.

So, you’re here on business. Or, perhaps, you are here on vacation.  Whatever your reason may be for coming to this fascinating, multicultural place, you will not be disappointed.

With its cafe lined boulevards, fine dining, and a vast array of entertainment options, this city has something for everyone. One of the most interesting aspects of Montreal is its French influence.  French, the official language of Montreal and an integral part of its culture, lends a unique flavor to city life, music, films, nightlife, cuisine, fashion…everything! This ‘Frenchness’ is definitely what makes Montreal such an attractive and, even, exotic destination.

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The best way to really become part of Francophone life in Montreal and enjoy your stay to the max is through a furnished apartment rental in a central location.  EnVille Inc. has a number of furnished corporate apartments, Montreal’s best, available in the city’s most desired neighborhoods – Old Montreal, Downtown, and the West Island. These furnished short term rentals are some of the highest quality furnished executive corporate apartments in the city.  Not only are EnVille Inc.’s furnished corporate suites in the most convenient locations, close to public transportation, amenities, and entertainment, but they are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay.  Even maid service and top notch appliances are included in your private home away from home, making it even more worth while to rent luxury apartments than a hotel room.

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 Allow yourself to be charmed by Old Montreal’s cobblestone streets and heritage architecture; enjoy Downtown Montreal’s numerous activities and festivals; or explore the lush parks and recreational trails of the West Island.  All this can be done in comfort and style through EnVille’s furnished apartments for rent.  Francophone Montreal will not fail to delight you.

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