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Fully furnished short-term rentals

Are you planning to come to Montreal for a stay of at least 30 nights? Do you need a fully furnished short-term rental for your minimum 30-night stay?

If so, EnVille has the accommodations you need. We can find the fully furnished short-term rental that matches your requirements and preferences – if your requirements include a stay of 30 nights or more.

We have fully furnished short-term rentals that provide the comfort and convenience you enjoy at home. Along with being fully furnished, these accommodations are fully equipped, including full-size kitchens and full kitchenware, washer, dryer and other appliances, cable TV, wi-fi, and local telephone. Also, these accommodations come with bi-weekly housekeeping services and 24/7 customer care. We are confident you will love these features as much as our guests do.

EnVille’s selection of fully furnished short-term rentals is designed to deliver home-like comfort and stylish furnishings for 30 nights or more while you get the most out of our great city.

Features and benefits that make EnVille a natural choice

Through a combination of comfort, convenience, and customer care, we strive to make EnVille a better choice that any hotel or Airbnb. We have built our experience and reputation on customer care and helping our guests truly enjoy their fully furnished short-term rental accommodations.

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If you are coming to Montreal for at least 30 nights, you will find great fully furnished short-term rental accommodations by contacting EnVille at + 1 (514) 931-7030 or

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