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Business Trips to Montreal Who to Contact?

Life is exciting on the go.  I love new frontiers, discovering the next would be destination, eating exotic foods, enjoying the perks of doing business around the world.  Smooth sailing, right?

Ideally, we would live in a world without red-eye flights, delays, and botched reservations.  We business travelers want things to be easy. Peace and comfort are what we seek.  Most of all, we want to feel at home.  In Montreal, all of this is possible.  A furnished corporate suite, ready to welcome you to the city, is all that is needed.

Montreal is one of my preferred business destinations.  It is a place where I can really settle in and enjoy the ride.  As soon as I get off the plane, I know that my ‘new’ home, at least for my time in Montreal, awaits.

Am I staying in a hotel?  No Way.  I want more than a room with a bed.  Impossible you say?

Not in the least.  I contact En Ville, which rents luxury apartments in the Montreal area, and arrange for a stay in one of En Ville Inc.’s furnished short term rentals.

I know I will be provided with the best service.  I can choose from an array of exquisitely decorated furnished apartment rentals in the best areas of town: Old Montreal, Downtown, and the West Island.  Each Montreal neighbourhood has its own unique character and style.

EnVille‘s furnished corporate apartments for rent, Montreal’s finest, are all centrally located.  Because I can choose from a range of furnished apartments for rent, Montreal-based En Ville Inc. is able to cater to my specific needs.  And everything, down to clean towels and housekeeping is provided.  I do not have to worry about a thing.  I just sit back and enjoy.

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