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Stay Relaxed This Holiday Season with EnVille

The holidays are in full effect and you’ve found out that you’re coming to Montreal for work and staying in one of our corporate furnished apartments. You’re busy and you’re...Read More

Christmas in Montreal 2016: Christmas Market & Parade

Discover Montreal’s Christmas Market, Parade and More. It’s time for our annual Christmas and Holiday article — your guide on how to soak up the spirit of the city of...Read More

Group Bookings with EnVille Furnished Apartments

Group bookings are a great way to reserve furnished apartments for large groups of people looking for extended stays in the city. They are beneficial for all kinds of group...Read More

Serviced apartments

Increasingly, travellers of all stripes expect and demand more comfortable and convenient accommodations with a broader range of services. This is especially true of travellers who “settle” into their destination...Read More

Here’s What You Need to Know about Short-Term Rentals

Looking to get away to a new destination? Short-term rental apartments are a great way to maximize value for your money. It lets you bypass cramped hotels, dodgy subletting situations...Read More

Luxury furnished apartments for rent in Montreal

If you’re coming to Montreal for a short or extended stay and need a luxury furnished apartment for rent, there’s one name you can trust: EnVille. EnVille owes its track...Read More

Short-term rentals in Montreal

Montreal is a richly diverse city – as anyone who lives here will tell you! This is due in large part to its neighbourhoods, each of which shows visitors a...Read More

Montreal short-term rentals

Montreal is Quebec’s metropolis and, as such, provides multiple services that are more scarce or even absent in the province’s smaller cities and outlying regions. For instance, there are more...Read More

Furnished short-term rentals in Montreal

Welcome to Hollywood North Montreal is a world-class destination for professionals in the entertainment industry. In fact, the city is often referred to as “Hollywood North” – mainly because it...Read More

Luxury corporate apartments

Luxury corporate apartments for rent represent a particularly challenging category in the short-term rental market. Why? Because they account for a small percentage of available temporary housing stock. And that’s...Read More

Short-term Montreal furnished condos for rent

Every word in the title of this page – short-term Montreal furnished condos for rent – is clear and unambiguous, except for one. What exactly is “short-term”? Condo owners who...Read More

Montreal Neighbourhoods Guide: Best Places to Live in Montreal

If you are moving or relocating to the great island city of Montréal, you might be wondering what to expect. Like many other big international cities, Montréal is a city of vibrant neighborhoods, each with their own unique personality.

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