Travel Agent Rates & Special Promotions: Montreal Corporate Suites

Louise Roy

Organizing group bookings for business trips can be challenging and time-consuming for travel manager and corporate travel agents. So with our travel agent rates and special promotions, we’re looking to help you lighten your burden.

Despite the increasing use of online technologies for communicating over long distances, nothing can replace the need for face-to-face meetings and networking. So most travel managers do not expect any reduction in the volumes of travel over the next few years, but do expect their travel budgets to become tight. And, of course, there’s never enough time in the day to compare all the options.

So how can you be sure to book high-quality accommodations while staying within your budget and without taking up too much of your time?

%name Travel Agent Rates & Special Promotions: Montreal Corporate Suites

That’s where we can help. For the past 13 years, EnVille has been the leader in short- and long-term corporate housing in Montreal. We have worked with many corporate travel agents and travel managers who have placed their confidence in EnVille’s executive rentals.

We guarantee that your corporate travelers will enjoy all the comforts and luxuries of home in our fully furnished suites in Montreal. As a result, they can focus on their work, which is what they came here to do afterall. Our furnished suites are equipped with Wi-Fi Internet, local phone, cable, washer and dryer en suite, housekeeping services, and much more!

In addition, we provide special preferred rates and special promotions for travel agents, which can help with your travel budget. Also, our knowledgeable rental agents can assist you with the booking process as well as provide other information about traveling to Montreal.

To learn more about our corporate travel agent rates or to find out if your company qualifies for this preferred pricing, contact us today.

%name Travel Agent Rates & Special Promotions: Montreal Corporate Suites

Come feel right at home in one of our serviced apartments on your next corporate travel to Montreal.