Here’s What You Need to Know about Short-Term Rentals

Louise Roy

Looking to get away to a new destination? Short-term rental apartments are a great way to maximize value for your money. It lets you bypass cramped hotels, dodgy subletting situations or being locked into rental agreements that may not suit your time frame or your budget. Instead, short-term rentals offer the opportunity to stay at a well-managed apartment that is spacious, comfortable, affordable and furnished.

Who stays in short term rentals?

  • Executives or business people
    • Employees on short-term relocation
    • Consultants on temporary assignments
    • Teams traveling for training
    • Patients under medical care
    • Future real estate purchasers
    • Disaster victims

What kinds of amenities are available?

Short-term rentals also have amenities that really give you a bang for your buck. Imagine moving to a new city for a few months as part of your vacation away from home. You may want to enjoy the opportunity to its fullest by spending all of your time sightseeing, meeting people and soaking up new experiences rather than worrying about details like cleaning and trying to set up an internet plan. A short-term rental with amenities is perfect for this situation.

The amenities in EnVille’s short-term rentals include:

  • Short-term parking – Did you travel by car? We have a safe place to keep your car or rental car for the duration of your stay.
  • WiFi – perfect for those who want to surf the net at home or get work done in peace.
  • Bi-weekly housekeeping – Aside from hotels, in any other situation you’d have to treat the apartment like you were at home – that’s not ideal. Our short-term rentals include cleaning and housekeep services so you can focus on enjoying your trip!
  • Airport transfers – To make getting to your next destination that much easier.
  • Accessibility – We’re available 24/7 for any questions and concerns.

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