Facebook's 10th Anniversary: Our Look Back

Facebook’s 10th Anniversary: Our Look Back

Louise Roy

Last month, Facebook celebrated its 10th anniversary. As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg mentions in his post on the anniversary, the social media platform has provided a place where people can share and build communities around shared interests. For EnVille, it’s provided us with a fun way to connect with our customers and let our voice be heard.

Admittedly, we joined the party a little late, not setting up our Facebook page until 2011, but since then we’ve had some great fun with unique posts highlighting some of our favorite places and moments in Montreal. So, in honor of Facebook’s 10 anniversary, below are some of our favorite Facebook posts.

And if you haven’t connected with us on Facebook yet, you should. Everyday we’re posting on the best things Montreal has to offer as well as business travel tips and more. So check our our Facebook page and “Like” us!

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